Unveiling The Grand New Delhi : A Comprehensive Exploration of Service Quality, Cleanliness, Ambience, and Much More

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Unveiling The Grand New Delhi : A Comprehensive Exploration of Service Quality, Cleanliness, Ambience, and Much More

The Grand New Delhi - Team BapuTalk's Reviews

Overall Experience

Team BapuTalk has shared a variety of experiences during their stays at The Grand New Delhi. Some team members had delightful surprises with captivating city views, while others encountered regrettable and unpleasant moments.

Service Quality and Customer Service

The service quality at The Grand New Delhi has sparked mixed feelings among Team BapuTalk. Positive feedback includes mentions of friendly and accommodating staff. However, some team members reported challenges, such as slow service during conferences and events.


Cleanliness and Hygiene Standards

Cleanliness has been a talking point among Team BapuTalk. Concerns were raised about old and musty rooms, unclean carpets, and maintenance issues. The hotel management has acknowledged these concerns and committed to making improvements.

Ambience and Atmosphere

Team BapuTalk members have diverse opinions on the ambience and atmosphere. While some appreciate the hotel's romantic and quiet setting, others find it unsuitable for big groups or families. The ambience is described as a mix of grandeur and urban getaway.


Food and Beverage Experience

Positive feedback is received for the food and beverage experience, with mentions of a good location, amazing food, and noteworthy dishes like chicken hot and sour soup. However, some reviews mention issues with air conditioning and slow responses to room-related concerns.

Value for Money

The value for money at The Grand New Delhi is a point of discussion within Team BapuTalk. While some team members feel it offers great value, others categorize it as not meeting 5-star hotel standards, especially in terms of room conditions and cleanliness.


Location and Accessibility

The hotel's location is highlighted as a standout feature, being near the airport and adjacent to famous malls. Positive comments about convenient Uber pickups and proximity to shopping centers are prevalent among Team BapuTalk.

Fact Check

Fact-checking reveals consistent responses from the hotel management to negative reviews. They express apologies, acknowledge concerns, and assure guests of their commitment to improving services and facilities.

Special Features and Amenities

Special features and amenities at The Grand New Delhi are mentioned positively by Team BapuTalk, such as spacious rooms, a nice pool, and delightful urban getaways. However, issues with outdated furniture and maintenance are also reported.


Recommendations and Suggestions

Team BapuTalk, while providing suggestions and recommendations, emphasizes the need for better maintenance, improved cleanliness, and prompt service during conferences. The hotel management actively encourages Team BapuTalk to reach out for a chance to address concerns and improve future experiences.

Overall, Team BapuTalk's reviews indicate a mix of positive and negative experiences at The Grand New Delhi. While some aspects receive high praise, others require attention and improvement from the hotel management to ensure consistently positive guest experiences.



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