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Our Listing Process

  1. Data Collection and Aggregation


    1. Identify target businesses and their Google Business profiles.
    2. Extract relevant information, including business details and user reviews.
  2. Review Analysis and Weighting


      1. Develop a systematic approach for analyzing reviews.
      2. Assign weights to reviews based on their star ratings.
      3. Implement algorithms to identify potential fake reviews.

    review analysis

  3. Identification of Suspicious Reviews


    1. Research and compile a list of known sources engaged in fake review services.
    2. Implement automated tools to flag potentially suspicious reviews.
    3. Regularly update the list of suspicious sources to adapt to new trends.
  4. Content Combination and Portioning


    1. Create a categorization system for reviews based on star ratings.
    2. Develop a strategy to present a balanced overview of positive and negative sentiments.
  5. Incorporation of User Insights


    1. Identify recurring themes and specific comments from user reviews.
    2. Integrate these insights into the overall analysis to provide a richer perspective.
  6. Regular Review Update and Validation


    1. Establish a schedule for regular updates to business listings.
    2. Implement validation processes to ensure the ongoing accuracy of the information.


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