The Muse Sarovar Portico - A Peaceful Retreat Near IGI Airport, New Delhi

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The Muse Sarovar Portico - A Peaceful Retreat Near IGI Airport, New Delhi

The Muse Sarovar Portico - Visitor Review

Hello fellow travelers! I recently had the pleasure of staying at The Muse Sarovar Portico in Kapashera, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Overall Experience

My overall experience was quite pleasant. The peaceful atmosphere and attentive staff contributed to a comfortable stay.

Service Quality and Customer Service

Positive Aspects:

  • Rajeev and other housekeeping staff were attentive to guests' needs.
  • Guests appreciated the excellent service provided by Rakesh, Prabhat, and others.

Negative Aspects:

  • Some users reported a lack of support from certain staff members.
  • Issues with staff behavior were mentioned in a few reviews.

Deventure Sarovar Portico New Delhi

Cleanliness and Hygiene Standards

Positive Aspect:

  • The hotel was praised for its cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Negative Aspect:

  • Despite positive feedback, there were mentions of issues like defrosted food and room cleanliness in a couple of reviews.

Ambience and Atmosphere

Positive Aspect:

  • Guests enjoyed the peaceful environment away from city noise.

Negative Aspect:

  • Some users raised concerns about the broken roads leading to the property, affecting the overall atmosphere.


Food and Beverage Experience

Positive Aspects:

  • Positive comments on the delicious food and specific mentions of staff like Rakesh and Shivraj providing excellent service.

Negative Aspect:

  • A few users reported issues with the quality of breakfast and limited food options.

Value for Money

Positive Aspect:

  • Some guests found the hotel to offer great value for money.

Negative Aspects:

  • Concerns were raised by a few guests about the pricing and the perceived lack of certain facilities for the cost.


Location and Accessibility

Positive Aspect:

  • Positive comments on the hotel's proximity to the airport.

Negative Aspect:

  • Some users mentioned issues with accessibility due to broken roads leading to the property.

Fact Check

Fact-checking reveals a range of experiences. Positive reviews highlight excellent service and hygiene standards, while negative reviews mention issues with room amenities, staff behavior, and pricing.

Special Features and Amenities

Positive Aspect:

  • Notable features include a peaceful environment, proximity to the airport, and positive mentions of specific staff members contributing to a pleasant stay.


Recommendations and Suggestions

Based on the reviews, it is recommended that the hotel focuses on improving room amenities, staff training for better customer handling, and addressing concerns related to pricing and accessibility.



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