Rainbow Hospital Sri Ganganagar: Compassionate Care, Specialized NICU, and Dedicated Doctors

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Rainbow Hospital Sri Ganganagar: Compassionate Care, Specialized NICU, and Dedicated Doctors

Rainbow Hospital Review


Rainbow Hospital in Sri Ganganagar is a medical facility that has garnered diverse feedback from the community. As a concerned visitor with a relative currently admitted to the hospital, it is crucial to assess and understand the experiences shared by others to form a comprehensive overview of the hospital's performance.

Positive Experiences

Compassionate Care: Many reviewers have praised the hospital for providing compassionate nursing services and dedicated doctors. The staff, including TPA department and chiranjeevi staff, have been acknowledged for their polite behavior and supportive attitude.

Specialized Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): Rainbow Hospital is recognized for its well-equipped NICU, making it a preferred choice for neonates and children with specialized medical needs.

Excellent Doctors: Dr. Sunil Aggarwal has received positive mentions for being an accessible and proficient doctor. Patients appreciate his commitment to providing thorough diagnoses and effective medical care.

Rainbow Hospital

Neutral Experiences

Follow-up Care: Some reviews have indicated the necessity for follow-up visits post medical procedures, suggesting a need for ongoing care and monitoring.

Negative Experiences

Extended Waiting Periods: A number of reviewers express frustration over prolonged waiting times. One specific review mentions a minimum waiting period of 2 hours, signaling potential issues with the hospital's scheduling or efficiency.

Management Concerns: Criticisms have been raised regarding the hospital's management, including reports of poor staff behavior, unclean facilities, and perceived lack of professionalism in certain instances.

Rainbow Hospital1

Billing Practices: Allegations of questionable billing practices have been made, with concerns raised about transparency and the hospital's commitment to fair and ethical financial transactions.


In conclusion, Rainbow Hospital offers a mixed experience for patients and their families. While positive feedback highlights the dedication of medical professionals and specialized care, negative reviews suggest potential issues with waiting times,

Rainbow Hospital2
 management practices, and billing transparency. As a new patient or a visitor, it is advisable to communicate openly with the hospital staff, address concerns directly, and ensure clear expectations regarding the care and services provided.



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