Grand Xenia Hotel Review: Unveiling the True Guest Experience

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Grand Xenia Hotel Review: Unveiling the True Guest Experience

Grand Xenia Hotel Review

Overall Experience

The overall experience at Grand Xenia was mixed, with both positive and negative aspects noted by guests.

Service Quality and Customer Service

While some guests praised the helpful and warm staff, others reported poor service, including delays in check-in, billing discrepancies, and rude behavior from management.

Grand Xenia Hotel

Cleanliness and Hygiene Standards

Opinions varied regarding cleanliness and hygiene standards. Some guests commended the hotel for maintaining good hygiene everywhere, while others complained about dirty towels, shabby rooms, and an unpleasant smell on the premises.

Ambience and Atmosphere

Guests generally appreciated the ambiance and atmosphere of Grand Xenia, with positive comments about the spacious rooms, pleasant environment, and excellent view from certain rooms.

Food and Beverage Experience

Reviews regarding the food and beverage experience were mixed. While some guests enjoyed tasty meals and a variety of options, others complained about the quality of food, slow service in the restaurant, and billing discrepancies.

Grand Xenia Hotel1

Value for Money

Guests had differing opinions on the value for money offered by Grand Xenia. While some found it to be worth the cost, praising the amenities and cleanliness, others felt disappointed by the service quality and overall experience, considering it a waste of money.

Location and Accessibility

The hotel's location on Foy Sagar Road offers a peaceful setting, but some guests found it inconveniently located away from the main city.

Grand Xenia Hotel2

Fact Check

It's important to note that reviews are subjective and based on individual experiences. While some guests had positive experiences, others faced challenges during their stay. It's advisable to consider a range of reviews before making a booking decision.

Special Features and Amenities

Grand Xenia offers amenities such as a swimming pool, rooftop restaurant, and spacious rooms with modern amenities, which were appreciated by some guests.

Grand Xenia Hotel3

Recommendations and Suggestions

Based on the reviews, improvements can be made in areas such as service quality, cleanliness standards, and customer service. It's recommended for the hotel management to address these issues to enhance the overall guest experience.



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