Discover Unmatched Comfort and Elegance at Shervani Hotel Nehru Place: A Comprehensive Review

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Discover Unmatched Comfort and Elegance at Shervani Hotel Nehru Place: A Comprehensive Review

Shervani Hotel Nehru Place: A Comprehensive Review


I recently had the opportunity to stay at Shervani Hotel Nehru Place during a two-night business trip to New Delhi, and I must say, the experience was nothing short of excellent.

Accommodation and Ambiance

The hotel boasts a modern, elegant design, and its well-maintained facilities reflect a commitment to providing guests with a comfortable and pleasant stay. My room was spacious, impeccably clean, and exuded a cozy atmosphere. The bed and pillows ensured a restful night's sleep, and the spotless bathroom with its array of toiletries was a welcome touch.

The ambiance throughout the hotel is both soothing and relaxing. The contemporary design, combined with soft lighting, creates a calm and peaceful vibe, making it an ideal place to unwind.


Service Quality

The staff at Shervani Hotel Nehru Place are the epitome of professionalism. From a warm welcome with a refreshing drink to prompt assistance with luggage and check-in, their courtesy and attentiveness were consistently impressive. The hotel's commitment to customer service was evident through their proactive approach in ensuring my needs were met.

Hygiene Standards

The hotel's hygiene standards are impeccable. The commitment to COVID-19 safety protocols, coupled with the cleanliness of the rooms and common areas, instilled a sense of confidence in the overall safety of my stay. The no-smoking and no-pets policy further contributed to the hygienic environment.

Food and Dining

The dining experience at Shervani Hotel Nehru Place was delightful. The complimentary breakfast buffet offered a diverse range of dishes, and the multi-cuisine restaurant provided fresh, tasty meals. While the menu predominantly featured non-vegetarian options, I would appreciate more choices for vegetarian and vegan guests. The rooftop restaurant, offering a panoramic view, added a special touch to the dining experience.


Value for Money

Shervani Hotel Nehru Place unquestionably provides excellent value for money. The luxurious stay at an affordable price, coupled with special offers and a rewarding loyalty program, makes it a wise choice for both business and leisure travelers. The hotel's commitment to delivering on its promises further enhances its value proposition.

Location and Accessibility

Strategically located in Nehru Place, one of New Delhi's prominent business hubs, the hotel offers convenient access to attractions, shopping, and transportation. Whether traveling for business or leisure, the hotel's proximity to key landmarks, along with easy accessibility by public transport, adds to its appeal.

Special Features and Recommendations

The hotel's unique features, such as the rooftop swimming pool, fitness center, and spa, contribute to an enriched stay. While my experience was overwhelmingly positive, some minor suggestions include improving soundproofing, diversifying vegetarian options, and considering upgrades to TV and AC units for an even more enjoyable stay.



In conclusion, Shervani Hotel Nehru Place exceeded my expectations in providing a quality stay in New Delhi. Its blend of comfort, convenience, and class, combined with excellent service and amenities, makes it a highly recommended choice for anyone looking for a memorable and enjoyable stay in the heart of the city.



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