Crowne Plaza New Delhi Rohini - Honest Guest Reviews and Hotel Insights

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Crowne Plaza New Delhi Rohini - Honest Guest Reviews and Hotel Insights

Crowne Plaza New Delhi Rohini - Baputalk Review

Overall Experience

As a member of Team Baputalk, my recent visit to Crowne Plaza New Delhi Rohini left me with mixed feelings.

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Service Quality and Customer Service

Guests have raised concerns about poor service quality, hidden terms, and unresponsive staff. The management, represented by General Manager Kapil Vig, has acknowledged the issues and expressed a willingness to improve.

Cleanliness and Hygiene Standards

Reports of cleanliness issues, bugs in rooms, and unattended maintenance problems are evident. The hotel management has promised corrective actions, emphasizing their commitment to a clean and pleasant environment.

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Ambience and Atmosphere

The ambience and atmosphere received mixed reviews. While some appreciated the ambiance and cleanliness, others mentioned issues with noise and disturbances.

Food and Beverage Experience

Several complaints regarding food quality, wrong orders, and unmet dietary preferences have been noted. The hotel has expressed regret and assured corrective measures.

Value for Money

Guests have expressed dissatisfaction with the value for money, particularly regarding membership programs and additional charges. The hotel management has acknowledged these concerns and aims to address them.

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Location and Accessibility

Opinions on the location and accessibility vary. While some guests find it convenient, others have raised issues, especially during crowded events. The hotel is open to feedback and promises improvements.

Fact Check

The provided reviews are based on guest experiences and subjective opinions. The hotel management has acknowledged the feedback and expressed a commitment to address the highlighted issues.

Crowne Plaza New Delhi Rohini

Special Features and Amenities

The hotel offers special features and amenities, as mentioned by some positive reviews. These include an excellent restaurant, good breakfast, and clean rooms.

Recommendations and Suggestions

Considering the feedback, it is recommended that the hotel takes immediate actions to enhance service quality, cleanliness, and overall guest experience. Open communication with guests is key to rebuilding trust.

Note: This review is based on publicly available guest reviews as of the last update. For the most accurate and recent information, it is advisable to contact the hotel directly.



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